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Support / Pre-sale questions

How soon will my account be set up and ready to use?
You will receive an email with your account information, user name and password after receiving your order (in 10-20minutes, sometimes in 1-2hours). You can then start uploading your site. You will have access to your account 24 hours a day.

How long does it take for the world to access my domain name?
Most popular dial-up ISPs take less then 6 hours or faster to update their servers, while others will take more than 48 hours. So if you are still using a dial-up connection the Internet, make sure you have a reliable ISP that promply updates its DNS servers, so you can access yourdomain.com right away. Your .BIZ, ,INFO will be available in 5 minutes after DNS update.

Can h2hosting.com register domain names for me?
No. Unfortunately, domain registration is not available

Try to search http://www.google.com
(possible keywords:- "domain registration", "cheap domain name", " domain name", "opensrs", "register .biz .info")

What contract and payment terms are available?
For more information, visit our online order form. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover.

Does h2hosting.com offer a money-back guarantee?
Our Virtual Hosting packages include a 30-day money back guarantee and 7-day free trial.

I want to change my account plan. How do I upgrade my account?
To upgrade or downgrade your account, go to our customer support page and complete a customer support request. Just specify what plan you want to change from or other services you'd like changed and submit your request.

What domain names do you support?
We support all TLD (top level) domains (.com, .net., .org, .INFO, .BIZ) including foreign (2-letters) domain extentions.

Can I host multiple domains under single plan?
Almost all our cheap web hosting accounts have the ability to support multiple domain names pointing to separate directories (web sites) within your main account. We call such domains add-on domains. You can park additional domain names on top of subdomains of your main account. For example, you can point SecondDomain.com to sub.MainDomain.com and have it appear as a real account to everyone else. This feature is very useful for people who own more than one domain name and who runs multiple sites but does not require each site to be on a separate full-featured account.. However, if you need to host each domain with its own separate features(!), we suggest you to order another separate plan.

Add-on domains function just like any other domain from the visitor's point of view. If you have a add-on domain "seconddomain.com" and your visitor types the address into the browser, the browser's address bar will show "http://www.seconddomain.com" and not
"http://www.maindomain.com/addondomain/". If your visitor navigates to another page, the browser will accordingly show "http://www.seconddomain.com/mycoolpage/", just like it should.

All add-on domain names share the same IP address, control panel, disk space, data transfer, MySQL databases and other resources provided in your main account. One account = One CPanel login.

Add-on domains comes with their own POP email accounts!

Can we add services as we grow and need them?
You may grow at whatever pace you like. All options can be added at any time.

Do you have a reseller program?
No, we feel that are prices are low enough to allow people to purchase multiple accounts and still be able to resell them for a profit.

Does h2hosting.com allow adult, warez or other illicit sites or content?
No. Please see our terms and conditions page for permissible and unpermissable content.

What are your Network Connections?
Our network consists of redundant network connections to provide a high-availability platform for all business needs (more - Network information ).

What is mod_GZIP?
Mod_gzip allows us to compress any static and/or dynamically generated webpage at the server and send the content to the client browser which, in turn, decompresses the page. This means for us a savings of (expensive) bandwidth and for the client an increase in speed. For example: A 300 Kb page gets, thanks to the mod_gzip module, compressed to as little as 40 Kb which means that a client connected with a modem connection of 56K views the page after only some 7 seconds as compared to a uncompressed transmission wait time of roughly 60 seconds! Most of today's modern browsers have build-in support for gzip decompression, and, if not, mod_gzip automatically sends the page uncompressed to the client.

What is your server environment?
Our servers are Dual Xeon 2.6Ghz, 2GB RAM with high-speed SATA drives. The operating system is Centos running Apache Web Server. This is a fairly typical web server setup.

Where are your servers located?
H2Hosting.com's servers are located in a Network Operations Center (NOC) in Greenwood Vilage, CA. There they are monitored 24x7x365, in a data center environment that provides security, backup power, and direct access to the internet backbones. See more at Network information page.

Does H2Hosting.com offer support?
Yes. h2hosting.com does offer support through our support page and by email.

Why doesn't H2Hosting.com offer phone support?
We prefer support requests to come through our email for a variety of reasons.
First, it provides an audit trail of communication so that all the facts can be passed on to whomever may be working your problem. Second, it allow us to focus on fixing problems instead of answering the phone.

Can you help me with my HTML, webpage, CGI programming, etc?
Time permitting we give advice via email on these issues but remember, we are providers of webspace and can help you with 'content' only as time permits. CGI is programming, don't be mistaken into thinking it is as easy as HTML. It isn't. If you are going to use perl or PHP, buy a book. If you can't figure it out, try to find information via search engine, for example -http://www.google.com or http://www.findtutorials.com

What is Bandwidth?
Bandwidth is the amount of data moved between your site and the browsers of the customer's accessing your site.

Can I get unlimited bandwidth?
No. We do not offer packages with unlimited bandwidth primarily because there is no such thing. Any one that promises that is not telling the truth. Somewhere in their terms and conditions are probably some words referring to "excessive use of resources", and in effect these place some arbitrary limit on your bandwidth. We set limits to both protect you and to provide you with a reliable service.

For the vast majority of domains, traffic never becomes an issue and yes, within reason, you should never worry about the number of hits your site receives, but as a practical matter, no provider can provide you with unlimited resources for a fixed price. Bandwidth costs money, and unlimited amounts of it are not available to anyone.

Will I be able to access my domain name with or without the WWW?
Yes, you will be able to access the domain name with or without the WWW in front. For example, you could access the domain name "yourdomain.com" by going to "www.yourdomain.com" as well as "yourdomain.com".

How do I move my current site to H2Hosting.com?
Every situation is different, but generally, there are 3 basic steps in moving your site from your current hosting company to h2hosting.com.

1) Selecting and ordering your hosting package.
2) Moving the contents of your current site to your new site. Setup email accounts, forwarders, autoresponders, ...
3) Changing the name server for your domain at the registrar where your domain is registered. In 5 minutes up to 24 hours, your changes should start to take effect. It may take serveral days for all DNS servers to be updated.


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